The Honkytonkmen

Making Honky Tonk Great Again

The Honky Tonk Men

Making Honky Tonk Great Again

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Do you like truck stop diners, greasy burgers, icecold beers, twanging Telecasters and crying steel guitars? We do too!

Howdy! We are Honky Tonk Men. Five dudes with different musical backgrounds. But one thing in common: deep love for music that springs from the hearts of everyday Americans. That’s why we play the songs of Hank, Johhny, Ernest, Lefty, Buck, Merle, Marty, Willie, Dale and many many more of our working-class heros. Songs about whistling trains, lost highways, empty bottles and cheating hearts. These are the songs we keep alive. Adding our own originals to the set. How does that sound? Listen and judge: our debut EP is out now. Press play and turn up the volume to 11! Are you ready to honky tonk all night long?